YOConference is a Green solution, the environmental sustainability, which is why he decided to sponsor the Conference on Sustainability in the Annual Financial Report to be held in Milan, at the Hall of Columns of Palazzo Corio Casati, Thursday 5 February at 14: 30.

Many companies, large and small, have started over the years an accounting of their social and environmental performance. For ten years now they publish sustainability reports that illustrate in a clear and transparent efforts of organizations in these areas. Even the world of banking, insurance and service companies has moved over the years to this kind of reporting, increasing more and more its sensitivity on the subject. The new goal of reporting, which is being discussed at the international level, is the Integrated Report, which aims precisely to ‘integrate’ the Consolidated Financial Statements with the Sustainability. This approach requires it to document the financial, environmental, social and governance through a common instrument, with the aim of increasing transparency to the community, the financial community and all stakeholders.


The meeting aims to present the state of sustainability reporting, with a focus on the banking, insurance and business services, identifying the advantages and the growth of value that can be obtained with a systemic approach to issues socio-environmental organization. This also in order to prepare for a possible transition in the coming years to the Integrated Report.

Content and recipients

During the event will present state of the Integrated Report and the real attractions of not reporting for financial service companies presenting best practices and examples. It will be followed by a panel discussion in which important representatives of the main stakeholders will discuss with representatives of banks, insurance companies and discussing case studies and business experiences.

The conference is designed and built to CEOs, General Managers, CFO, responsible for CSR, Investor Relations, Internal Communications and External, Social Report, Public Affairs of banks, insurance and service companies.

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