Thursday, October 8  YOConference will at Palazzo EU in the Expo beside of “MondoHonline” to present “Agro-biodiversity and resilience: strategies for feeding the world.”

YOConference supports Mondohonline with the video conferencing service with the intent of facilitating the integration of disabled people through the internet.
In fact, with videoconferencing you can overcome distance and barriers and facilitate communication.

Simplicity of use of YOConference allows anyone with an internet connection and a computer or tablet / smartphone to communicate easily.

Mondohonline takes care of an army of people, a lot of potential almost put the edge and ignored by the active world.

This is why YOConference marries the cause of social, to give way to these men, these women, of people considered to be efficient in all respects without being perceived as an unnecessary cost for the Company.

The event program is available on the website of Mondohonline.

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