We often wonder what are the main differences between a video conferencing service for a fee and a free one such as Skype or Google Hangout.
We explain in 5 points which are the main differences and advantages that a service like YOConference.

1. Integration
The targets are companies that need a whole series of features that now lacks the free solutions, first of all the possibility of having an integrated database that allows using your username and password to have access to email, corporate resources and video communications. Integration with Active Directory allows us in this way to synchronize the users in the company database with those recorded in the interface or in the database YOConference.

2. Opening other instruments VoIP
The integration is not limited only to the active directory but should also be extended to various instruments of Voice Over IP used in the company, the call manager platforms of web conferencing. In this respect YOConference boasts integration with Microsoft Linc, Adobe Connect and IBM Sametime, three of the platforms distributed worldwide in companies. From which you can make video calls point to point or multi point without changing interface.

3. Security
It is also necessary that this integration is protected, namely that communication takes place in complete security to all internal and external clients. Unlike many free systems, a platform for professional as YOConference has these solid foundations of security, ensuring if required encrypting communications.

4. User administration
In the enterprise must therefore distinguish between the various users, profiling them, manage credentials, in a word administer. For this reason YOConference was accompanied by an administration tool that allows – from a single interface – to manage each user, by adding or removing accounts, by building clusters with different qualifications, capabilities and levels of visibility.

5. Supports communication (and prices)
YOConference is a solution that allows for multipoint video conferencing with high-definition video from any device. It means that users can meet from desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones, and of course through systems for meeting room. The cost? For a video to open 10 business PCs and many systems by hall, he concludes the manager, it is about 12 thousand euro. An offer that we believe are particularly aggressive, considering that the traditional systems based on MCE require the same number of ports investments in the order of 100 thousand euro.

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