In tough economic times it is good to make a virtue of necessity, back then useful to try to turn a problem into an opportunity.
Sure, it looks like one of the classic phrase “easy to say and hard to do,” but it is not, it is really very easy.

And how?
Videoconferencing is a low-cost system to hold meetings online. Participants in the videoconference can discuss, see, show graphics, exactly like it was a normal meeting live.
A few years ago video conferencing were only available to large companies and they were very expensive, but now all you need is a computer (or mobile device), a webcam (also integrated) and an internet connection.
You can talk to their customers, employees and suppliers far between thousands of kilometers.

The use of videoconferencing reduces the costs of the physical displacement of people (travel by plane or car or train, hotel, travel costs employees, etc …), thus also CO2 emissions are cut down greenhouse gas emissions.
So this is a sustainable technology.

Companies that adopt video conferencing systems have higher flexibility on costs and are able to better withstand periods of economic crisis.
In most video conferencing tends to shorten decision times, it reduces the need to print on paper files and increase the efficiency and productivity of workers.

Participants in a videoconference is not moving from your office and do not lose the work day, as any meeting.

So we analyze what are the advantages offered by a company YOConference:

Demolition costs for travel (plane, train, car) and lodging in tourist accommodation;
Eliminating hours of work lost by the participants at the meeting;
Videoconferencing technology at low cost (starting at less than one coffee a day);
Faster decision-making;
Lower costs of organizing meetings.
Also videoconferencing brings benefits for society and the environment:

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions (minor shifts allow you to produce a smaller amount of CO2 emissions from transport);
Dematerialisation: videoconferencing reduces the physical nature of the information (files and prints on paper) and people.
Videoconferencing is the perfect alternative to business travel.

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