With software and hardware systems and a project specifically designed to your needs we make the aggregator of information for you. All communication, fragmented among several instruments is conveyed in one place helping you manage the communication flow around you. Allowing you to better manage collaborative projects!

We offer to you

YOConference offers the ability to manage very easily using an intuitive interface and easy to manage with a click all the communication flow of your business or your job. An aggregator of multiple services that is designed to streamline everyday operations. You will have control of your calls from multiple devices, the management of an address book and a unified calendar for all the devices you use and the simultaneous management of your files and your email from all devices, in addition to these basic functions of the solution It will be designed around your needs.

Benefits of Unified Communication

Communication flow

Simplification and optimization of the communication flow.

Employee management

A single point of aggregation for updates and information, important or not, who come from your employees. So there is no loss of information and be able to better manage the business structure.

Openness to all technology

Unified Communication is not intended to technological limitations. It ensures you the possibility to integrate and coordinate the different technologies: from the Cloud, to the mail client to the Videoconferencing solutions.

No hardware limitations

You can manage your entire world from anywhere you are and in any situation without being forced to reside at a predefined location or to be equipped with high-performance hardware.

Optimization of timing

The Unified Communications solutions will ensure the optimization of the time allowing you to coordinate, stop and start new projects with your colleagues with great rapidity.

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Managers and professionals choose Unified Communication solutions because they allow to simplify the communication process, no longer worry about how to communicate but only to choose their own partner. This solution can provide the right tool for each context and be integrated into the enterprise collaboration tools.

In co-working they choose to Unified Communication solutions. These solutions provide both professionals and for companies to be able to better coordinate the work with clients to each other with their employees. These are solutions that do not bind to a diversified management of the sources of information but implement a full suite of products and services from the Cloud Video Conferencing, allowing a start-up time for Smart Working projects, Telework and Co-Working very short .

Companies choose to implement unified communication projects to better manage the business communication flow with the guarantee of being able to control it and monitor it with great simplicity. These peculiarities then allow to coordinate a more efficiently its employees. Companies use these services mainly to develop safely Smart Working and Teleworking projects that would otherwise require a lot of energy.

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