YOConference allows you to install additional tools that are designed to ensure you a total monitoring capabilities of your systems and of your meeting rooms.

YOBooking sistemi avanzati dei prenotazione sale riunioni


YOBooking allows you to manage with a simple calendar for your meeting rooms. By using the dedicated tools you will avoid that your meeting rooms are booked by two of your collaborators on the same day at the same time creating embarrassing situations. It is a required step to optimize company resources. The system, fully customizable, allowing users to calendarize a conference and protect it with a dedicated PIN known only to the participants.

In detail you will have ability to:

  • Manage multiple calendars with the ability to view active bookings of your meeting rooms;
  • Display the calendar in detail either on a weekly or monthly basis;
  • Calendarize multilanguage video sessions;
  • Eliminate multiple bookings.


YOBill your customizable dashboard that provides you the ability to monitor all of your meeting and your colleagues in real time. You can see, in real time, all the data and the graphs relating to the use of videoconferencing. Within your panel viewable by the browser directly you will also have the opportunity to view the history of your calls.

In detail you will have ability to:

  • Graphic display of all the calls;
  • Graphic display of peak usage on a daily and monthly basis;
  • Display all types of calls: video, legacy, voice only;
  • Displaying query for conference and for installation according to the selected time period;
  • Real time display of calls in progress: data sampling is performed every minute and provides the highest level of detail provided by the system;
  • Viewing your daily calls timeline.
Yobill sistemi gestionali di videoconferenza
yomeet_sistemi_avanzati di gestioanli


YOMeet is a very versatile system that is useful in most work environments. Its applications range from the world Enterprise, management and monitoring of agents and systems, telemedicine, which allows to make visits and the ability to access shared databases in which to view the patient’s medical history.

In detail you will have ability to:

  • Telemedicine: medical specialist consultation, even via mobile;
  • System monitoring: You can make remote maintenance;
  • Elderly support: home telecare through public and / or private clinics;
  • Video-support: technical support for investigations or appraisals;
  • Highway support: monitoring and immediate assistance;
  • Civil Protection: allows you to be coordinated with the rescue teams and the scene of the disaster as quickly as possible;
  • Coordination agents: YOMeet gives you the opportunity to coordinate the agents in the territory optimizing time and meeting and travel costs.

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