YOConference realizes also meeting rooms that are designed to increase the effect the "real presence" in the conversation due to hardware audio / video that ensure maximum performance and an integrated design that makes them easy to use and little invisible to the eyes.

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We offer a suite of hardware and software products that ensure the highest possible output. For telepresence solutions realize ad hoc meeting rooms that allow with careful engineering of the premises to avoid that is perceived to be distant. With ultra-high resolution large screens and top-notch audio devices we guarantee the “real presence” effect. We offer in addition to the installation of equipment: screens, hardware for video, audio hardware and software also the first start, everything to enable you to take advantage immediately of your investment.

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You choose the Telepresence to be more effective and be able to get a real presence effect that allows you to be able to exercise greater emotional pressure on your partner. Also thanks to a size and a quality of the image that limits the feeling of distance that stands between the interlocutors.

You choose the Telepresence for ease of use and management of their own or of their meeting rooms. The control panel of the installed video audio systems will be available to everyone and manageable without the need for extensive computer knowledge.

You choose the Telepresence for quality. It is one of the most advanced telecommunications systems in the market and guarantees, as well as audio and video quality of excellence, also a structuring of the most sophisticated hardware. Everything is designed according to your space and your habits to make your conference more engaging.

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