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To make broadcasts on the network of your YOConference content has thought of two services: streaming and webcast.

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YOConference provides a live video broadcast service on the network for events, conferences, seminars and training courses. To be eligible for these contents you have two services to which to refer. Streaming is the service that allows you to stream live content to other users in the form of audio and video files. The other service is to Webcast that allows you to be able to enjoy this content directly from a web platform at all times without the users are obliged to follow you live. These two such powerful tools can be used both individually and in a complementary manner to one another.

Streaming or Webcast?


To Streaming refers to a transmission that is performed in real time between two or more devices. After the transmission the video will not be displayed again because it is a unique event.



The Webcast is the ability to ensure that users can enjoy audio and video content at any time according to their schedules and their needs. Your courses, events and seminars are available at all times on a dedicated platform.

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The trainers decide to take advantage of Streaming and Webcast services, according to your needs, to ensure that their content is accessible by the end user at all times. These are two essential tools for companies that decide to make training or deal with e-learning because it allows him to be able to better manage the traffic and the activities of its employees or students and managed to deliver content over to selected users.

Companies choose to make use of streaming services and webcast to be able to better manage their multimedia content on the network and their use. Using them both as training materials for its customers and its employees both as material to make and carry out their marketing campaigns by leveraging the power of images.

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