Since this morning at 10:00 am Skype, the most popular messaging service and video conferencing, found serious problems worldwide, by preventing its users to log in or, if you are able, to deliver messages.
A huge disservice, that created many problems for millions of people who use this service.

The news has already been dealt with by all the newspapers, on social networks around the world, it characterized dall’hashtag #SkypeDown.
We do not want to tell the whole story again, we just want to make you a practical example.

The company Fabio urgently needs to close a deal and now have an appointment in a videoconference with two other companies to close everything.
The company number one has made an appointment with Fabio at 11.00 for a video conference via Skype, the company number 2 has made an appointment to 12.30 via YOConference.

Fabio at 11.00 connects for videoconferencing via Skype, but he realizes that is not working. Chapter the appointment with the company number 2 at 14.00.

Fabio at 12.30 receiving the call via videoconference YOConference and the service works perfectly. The company number 2 can communicate with Fabio and make his proposal.

At 14.00 Fabio try again to call the company number 2 via Skype but still the service is not working.
Postpone first at 15.00 and then at 16.00, but the free service is still not working.

Fabio, because of the need to close the deal and the inability to communicate with the company number 1, decided to accept the company’s offer number 2.

The company number one thus lost a deal because of the problems caused by a free service, which failed to provide the promised functions.

Of course, the story is a bit ‘to an extreme, but the benefits it offers YOConference against free services are many, and especially fundamental.
Discover them with us!

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