• Today's strike? YOConference you save!

    In the days of strike discomfort it remains strong both for those who use public transport for those traveling by car, as traffic increases considerably.

    Take one example: Francis lives in Como and is the owner of a small company, it managed to have a business meeting with a large company that could become a supplier.
    The appointment was set for a Friday when there is strike, the headquarters of the big company in Milan. He would like to travel there by train, as it would take advantage to go over the main points of the speech to do but can not, because it is suppressed to strike.

    He decides to go by car, facing the traffic that is already chaotic to her.
    Part of half an hour early, so as not to be late, but it comes across before in a traffic crowds, then a demonstration blocking the traffic.
    Francis appointment comes late and nervous, not making a good impression to the leaders of the big company who decide not to use the products of his company.

    This example may seem un’estremizzazione or “one out of a thousand,” but scenes like this if they occur several.

    Solving these problems is simple and should be done in advance.
    As? With video conferencing!

    To explain it all to do again a little example, continuing the story of Francis.

    Francis, learned about the strike day, notify the great company that that Friday will be available in video conferencing to talk to them and show the presentation.
    Start the video and he, from his office in Como, explains the mode of operation of its products, by telling the story of his company and all the details.

    In doing so Francis has already:
    Saved time, as it has not moved from the office;
    Saved money, since it did not have to face a journey;
    Spared stress and nervous, as it was faced with a problem situation;
    Avoided to pollute, as not made use of the means to move.

    And there’s more, because Francis, as videoconferencing system uses YOConference service designed to function perfectly on mobile devices.
    Therefore Francis, after showing their products and telling the dynamics of the company, taking the tablet and started off down the stairs, moving from the office to the room of manufacture of its products. Everything always is while in a videoconference with the big company.
    Francis can then, thanks to YOConference that works perfectly on his mobile, to move freely and live show as she works her company, making a good impression to the leaders of the big company.

    These are the things that make the difference.