• YOConference: the best HD Videoconference

    To compete in today’s global economy, companies of all sizes need the ability to quickly gather the best talent for projects at hand, regardless if they are in Boston or Bangalore. YOConference global video conferencing solutions for the distributed workforce make it easy to connect remote teams and teleworkers, transforming their everyday smartphones, tablets and PCs into a virtual workspace for high-quality video communication and productive collaboration.

    Connect, unify and empower: YOConference puts users in the picture and in control.YOConference works the way you do. It runs on the devices you’re using now from smart phones to tablets, desktops to video room systems, bringing HD-quality video and content to every participant.
    The YOConference portfolio includes everything you need to deploy HD video collaboration to everyone in your organization, from core infrastructure to solutions that video-enable any device or application.

    Ultra HD 4k
    Ultra HD 4k support to display rich content and multiple full HD participants.

    Hand-held devices
    Organize meetings from your smartphone or tablet running Android or Apple iOS.

    High-quality video conferencing to Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

    Breakthrough Versatility
    Thanks to software-based design and supremely efficient architecture, you can deploy YOConference just as you can other applications on your network: on industry-standard physical or virtual servers, connecting users over everyday broadband links.

  • YOConference at EXPO

    Thursday, October 8  YOConference will at Palazzo EU in the Expo beside of “MondoHonline” to present “Agro-biodiversity and resilience: strategies for feeding the world.”

    YOConference supports Mondohonline with the video conferencing service with the intent of facilitating the integration of disabled people through the internet.
    In fact, with videoconferencing you can overcome distance and barriers and facilitate communication.

    Simplicity of use of YOConference allows anyone with an internet connection and a computer or tablet / smartphone to communicate easily.

    Mondohonline takes care of an army of people, a lot of potential almost put the edge and ignored by the active world.

    This is why YOConference marries the cause of social, to give way to these men, these women, of people considered to be efficient in all respects without being perceived as an unnecessary cost for the Company.

    The event program is available on the website of Mondohonline.

  • Skype Down, Up YOConference

    Since this morning at 10:00 am Skype, the most popular messaging service and video conferencing, found serious problems worldwide, by preventing its users to log in or, if you are able, to deliver messages.
    A huge disservice, that created many problems for millions of people who use this service.

    The news has already been dealt with by all the newspapers, on social networks around the world, it characterized dall’hashtag #SkypeDown.
    We do not want to tell the whole story again, we just want to make you a practical example.

    The company Fabio urgently needs to close a deal and now have an appointment in a videoconference with two other companies to close everything.
    The company number one has made an appointment with Fabio at 11.00 for a video conference via Skype, the company number 2 has made an appointment to 12.30 via YOConference.

    Fabio at 11.00 connects for videoconferencing via Skype, but he realizes that is not working. Chapter the appointment with the company number 2 at 14.00.

    Fabio at 12.30 receiving the call via videoconference YOConference and the service works perfectly. The company number 2 can communicate with Fabio and make his proposal.

    At 14.00 Fabio try again to call the company number 2 via Skype but still the service is not working.
    Postpone first at 15.00 and then at 16.00, but the free service is still not working.

    Fabio, because of the need to close the deal and the inability to communicate with the company number 1, decided to accept the company’s offer number 2.

    The company number one thus lost a deal because of the problems caused by a free service, which failed to provide the promised functions.

    Of course, the story is a bit ‘to an extreme, but the benefits it offers YOConference against free services are many, and especially fundamental.
    Discover them with us!

  • Skype Down, YOConference Up

    Da stamattina alle ore 10.00 Skype, il più famoso servizio di messaging e videoconferenza, riscontra gravi problemi in tutto il mondo, impedendo ai propri utenti di loggarsi o, nel caso vi riescano, di recapitare i messaggi.
    Un disservizio enorme, che ha creato non pochi problemi ai milioni di utenti che utilizzano questo servizio.

    La notizia è già stata trattata da tutti i giornali, sui social network in tutto il mondo, caratterizzata dall’hashtag #SkypeDown.
    Noi non vogliamo raccontarvi di nuovo tutta la storia, vogliamo solo farvi un esempio pratico.

    L’azienda di Fabio ha urgente bisogno di chiudere un affare e oggi ha appuntamento in videoconferenza con altre due aziende per chiudere il tutto.
    L’azienda numero 1 ha dato appuntamento a Fabio alle 11.00 per una videoconferenza via Skype, l’azienda numero 2 ha dato appuntamento alle 12.30 via YOConference.

    Fabio alle 11.00 si connette per la videoconferenza via Skype, ma si accorge che non funziona. Rimanda quindi l’appuntamento con l’azienda numero 2 alle ore 14.00.

    Fabio alle 12.30 riceve la chiamata in videoconferenza tramite YOConference e il servizio funziona perfettamente. L’azienda numero 2 riesce a comunicare con Fabio e a fare la sua proposta.

    Alle ore 14.00 Fabio riprova a chiamare l’azienda numero 2 via Skype ma ancora il servizio non funziona.
    Posticipano prima alle 15.00 e poi alle 16.00, ma il servizio gratuito continua a non funzionare.

    Fabio, a causa della necessità di chiudere l’affare e dell’impossibilità a comunicare con l’azienda numero 1, decide di accettare l’offerta dell’azienda numero 2.

    L’azienda numero 1 ha quindi perso un affare a causa dei problemi causati da un servizio gratuito, che non è riuscito a garantire le funzioni promesse.

    Certo, la storia è un po’ estremizzata, ma i vantaggi che offre YOConference nei confronti dei servizi gratuiti sono molti, e soprattutto fondamentali.
    Scopriteli con noi!

  • SAVE THE DATE: May 21 – "Oltre Ogni Limite"

    There is an important date to mark on the agenda: May 21, 2015.

    Because in Milan at Starhotels E.c.ho. Viale Andrea Doria 4, there will be a very interesting event, “Oltre ogni limite“.
    Do not speak only of videoconferencing, but you can test first hand the demo to see how it works, what its benefits and because it serves a company.
    Among the topics of the appointment also also the Backup and Internet of things.

    Oltre ogni limite” is a free event that will begin at 9:00 and end at 13:00 with a light lunch.

    Not to be missed in the morning?
    No problem, we thought of you, in fact, the afternoon at 14:00 the event will be repeated!

    Places are limited, register now!