YOConference realizes Room Design projects on the basis of the rooms you have available. We integrate new technologies into existing furniture or we care to realize a meeting room from scratch, everything according to your needs.

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In the preparation of your meeting rooms YOConference offers you two possible solutions. The first is a Room Design service that is concerned to integrate new technologies into existing environments in harmony with the furniture and without altering the arrangement of your work space. The second solution, much more radical, provides a complete redesign of your space with the inclusion of furniture suitable to accommodate modern hardware and die engineering your workspaces to 360 °. In both YOConference solutions ensure ease of control in managing their own meeting room.


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Collaboration Room: companies, studies associated research groups often decide to implement the Meeting or Collaboration Room which enable in short time and with maximum result of being able to exchange opinions, ideas and projects they carry out their work. The change in lifestyle led to many professionals or employees to work from locations that are not corporate ones, this need come forward solutions such as the Collaboration Room which keeps intact the team cohesion allowing you to work in a team prejudice arising from the premises business.

The classic Meeting Room become a focus for the company that will be given within a new activity: conference with customers and employees, internal and external training, meetings also open to external partners and many other activities. In this context there are application-specific changes, but the technology can be applied to any functional use that the company deems appropriate.

The training companies choose to implement the Meeting Rooms to increase thanks to devices which allow the utmost efficiency its turnover. Often these solutions offer the possibility to simultaneously manage multiple training rooms and even a greater number of participants for each lesson delivered in e-learning. In this context, it is able to use more salt made especially for training is a plus not indifferent than the competition.

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