• Skype Down, Up YOConference

    Since this morning at 10:00 am Skype, the most popular messaging service and video conferencing, found serious problems worldwide, by preventing its users to log in or, if you are able, to deliver messages.
    A huge disservice, that created many problems for millions of people who use this service.

    The news has already been dealt with by all the newspapers, on social networks around the world, it characterized dall’hashtag #SkypeDown.
    We do not want to tell the whole story again, we just want to make you a practical example.

    The company Fabio urgently needs to close a deal and now have an appointment in a videoconference with two other companies to close everything.
    The company number one has made an appointment with Fabio at 11.00 for a video conference via Skype, the company number 2 has made an appointment to 12.30 via YOConference.

    Fabio at 11.00 connects for videoconferencing via Skype, but he realizes that is not working. Chapter the appointment with the company number 2 at 14.00.

    Fabio at 12.30 receiving the call via videoconference YOConference and the service works perfectly. The company number 2 can communicate with Fabio and make his proposal.

    At 14.00 Fabio try again to call the company number 2 via Skype but still the service is not working.
    Postpone first at 15.00 and then at 16.00, but the free service is still not working.

    Fabio, because of the need to close the deal and the inability to communicate with the company number 1, decided to accept the company’s offer number 2.

    The company number one thus lost a deal because of the problems caused by a free service, which failed to provide the promised functions.

    Of course, the story is a bit ‘to an extreme, but the benefits it offers YOConference against free services are many, and especially fundamental.
    Discover them with us!

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    There is an important date to mark on the agenda: May 21, 2015.

    Because in Milan at Starhotels E.c.ho. Viale Andrea Doria 4, there will be a very interesting event, “Oltre ogni limite“.
    Do not speak only of videoconferencing, but you can test first hand the demo to see how it works, what its benefits and because it serves a company.
    Among the topics of the appointment also also the Backup and Internet of things.

    Oltre ogni limite” is a free event that will begin at 9:00 and end at 13:00 with a light lunch.

    Not to be missed in the morning?
    No problem, we thought of you, in fact, the afternoon at 14:00 the event will be repeated!

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  • YOConference improves business productivity

    The goal of any company, first and foremost, is to improve productivity. We often wonder how we can do it, what are the costs and timeframes.
    They always look for the big solutions, while ignoring solutions faster and smarter, which bring benefits right away, such as the use of videoconferencing.

    Measurable economic benefits:
    Reduced costs for travel, accommodation.
    Increased productivity: less time on the road, more time in the office.

    Benefits related to human resources:
    More efficient communication: more frequent meetings and information sharing.
    Quality of work better: less time, energy and stress for business trips.

    Benefits from a strategic and organizational:
    Optimization of the decision-making process: decisions are made more quickly and any person may be involved.
    More efficient management of emergency situations: executives can quickly fix an appointment and “meet” via videoconference from anywhere.
    Improving the quality of customer service: the company is able to meet customer needs more efficiently.

    Environmental benefits:
    The video is a business tool that helps reduce the carbon footprint (C02 emissions) company (air travel, trains, automobiles).

  • Videoconferencing: cost savings and CO2 reduction

    In tough economic times it is good to make a virtue of necessity, back then useful to try to turn a problem into an opportunity.
    Sure, it looks like one of the classic phrase “easy to say and hard to do,” but it is not, it is really very easy.

    And how?
    Videoconferencing is a low-cost system to hold meetings online. Participants in the videoconference can discuss, see, show graphics, exactly like it was a normal meeting live.
    A few years ago video conferencing were only available to large companies and they were very expensive, but now all you need is a computer (or mobile device), a webcam (also integrated) and an internet connection.
    You can talk to their customers, employees and suppliers far between thousands of kilometers.

    The use of videoconferencing reduces the costs of the physical displacement of people (travel by plane or car or train, hotel, travel costs employees, etc …), thus also CO2 emissions are cut down greenhouse gas emissions.
    So this is a sustainable technology.

    Companies that adopt video conferencing systems have higher flexibility on costs and are able to better withstand periods of economic crisis.
    In most video conferencing tends to shorten decision times, it reduces the need to print on paper files and increase the efficiency and productivity of workers.

    Participants in a videoconference is not moving from your office and do not lose the work day, as any meeting.

    So we analyze what are the advantages offered by a company YOConference:

    Demolition costs for travel (plane, train, car) and lodging in tourist accommodation;
    Eliminating hours of work lost by the participants at the meeting;
    Videoconferencing technology at low cost (starting at less than one coffee a day);
    Faster decision-making;
    Lower costs of organizing meetings.
    Also videoconferencing brings benefits for society and the environment:

    Cutting greenhouse gas emissions (minor shifts allow you to produce a smaller amount of CO2 emissions from transport);
    Dematerialisation: videoconferencing reduces the physical nature of the information (files and prints on paper) and people.
    Videoconferencing is the perfect alternative to business travel.

  • YOConference: choose a green technology

    YOConference is the cloud-based video conferencing solution that allows you to manage meetings and meetings with customers, colleagues and partners around the world, thus speeding up the decision-making processes and increasing productivity, while reducing CO2 emissions resulting from ‘ Use of means of transport.

    Collaboration for a more sustainable development involving companies and institutions, which are investing in socially responsible initiatives to protect the environment. Furthermore the approach of ecological type allows at the same time to increase the levels of productivity.
    YOConference from one hand to the companies to reduce climate change, proposing solutions of virtual communication that not only help our customers to cut their CO2 emissions, but at the same time help to reduce the level of costs and increase the efficiency of its business .

    Reduce business trips of its employees and replace them with videoconference meetings helps significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by aviation business, one of the main causes of global warming.

    Videoconferencing is done to allow people to meet anywhere, eliminating radically physical movements.
    This allows the company to save time, money and increase its impact green.

  • YOConference sponsoring the Conference on Sustainability in the integrated budget

    YOConference is a Green solution, the environmental sustainability, which is why he decided to sponsor the Conference on Sustainability in the Annual Financial Report to be held in Milan, at the Hall of Columns of Palazzo Corio Casati, Thursday 5 February at 14: 30.

    Many companies, large and small, have started over the years an accounting of their social and environmental performance. For ten years now they publish sustainability reports that illustrate in a clear and transparent efforts of organizations in these areas. Even the world of banking, insurance and service companies has moved over the years to this kind of reporting, increasing more and more its sensitivity on the subject. The new goal of reporting, which is being discussed at the international level, is the Integrated Report, which aims precisely to ‘integrate’ the Consolidated Financial Statements with the Sustainability. This approach requires it to document the financial, environmental, social and governance through a common instrument, with the aim of increasing transparency to the community, the financial community and all stakeholders.


    The meeting aims to present the state of sustainability reporting, with a focus on the banking, insurance and business services, identifying the advantages and the growth of value that can be obtained with a systemic approach to issues socio-environmental organization. This also in order to prepare for a possible transition in the coming years to the Integrated Report.

    Content and recipients

    During the event will present state of the Integrated Report and the real attractions of not reporting for financial service companies presenting best practices and examples. It will be followed by a panel discussion in which important representatives of the main stakeholders will discuss with representatives of banks, insurance companies and discussing case studies and business experiences.

    The conference is designed and built to CEOs, General Managers, CFO, responsible for CSR, Investor Relations, Internal Communications and External, Social Report, Public Affairs of banks, insurance and service companies.

    Sign up now for FREE – access to a limited number

  • Why YOConference is better free solutions?

    We often wonder what are the main differences between a video conferencing service for a fee and a free one such as Skype or Google Hangout.
    We explain in 5 points which are the main differences and advantages that a service like YOConference.

    1. Integration
    The targets are companies that need a whole series of features that now lacks the free solutions, first of all the possibility of having an integrated database that allows using your username and password to have access to email, corporate resources and video communications. Integration with Active Directory allows us in this way to synchronize the users in the company database with those recorded in the interface or in the database YOConference.

    2. Opening other instruments VoIP
    The integration is not limited only to the active directory but should also be extended to various instruments of Voice Over IP used in the company, the call manager platforms of web conferencing. In this respect YOConference boasts integration with Microsoft Linc, Adobe Connect and IBM Sametime, three of the platforms distributed worldwide in companies. From which you can make video calls point to point or multi point without changing interface.

    3. Security
    It is also necessary that this integration is protected, namely that communication takes place in complete security to all internal and external clients. Unlike many free systems, a platform for professional as YOConference has these solid foundations of security, ensuring if required encrypting communications.

    4. User administration
    In the enterprise must therefore distinguish between the various users, profiling them, manage credentials, in a word administer. For this reason YOConference was accompanied by an administration tool that allows – from a single interface – to manage each user, by adding or removing accounts, by building clusters with different qualifications, capabilities and levels of visibility.

    5. Supports communication (and prices)
    YOConference is a solution that allows for multipoint video conferencing with high-definition video from any device. It means that users can meet from desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones, and of course through systems for meeting room. The cost? For a video to open 10 business PCs and many systems by hall, he concludes the manager, it is about 12 thousand euro. An offer that we believe are particularly aggressive, considering that the traditional systems based on MCE require the same number of ports investments in the order of 100 thousand euro.

  • Today's strike? YOConference you save!

    In the days of strike discomfort it remains strong both for those who use public transport for those traveling by car, as traffic increases considerably.

    Take one example: Francis lives in Como and is the owner of a small company, it managed to have a business meeting with a large company that could become a supplier.
    The appointment was set for a Friday when there is strike, the headquarters of the big company in Milan. He would like to travel there by train, as it would take advantage to go over the main points of the speech to do but can not, because it is suppressed to strike.

    He decides to go by car, facing the traffic that is already chaotic to her.
    Part of half an hour early, so as not to be late, but it comes across before in a traffic crowds, then a demonstration blocking the traffic.
    Francis appointment comes late and nervous, not making a good impression to the leaders of the big company who decide not to use the products of his company.

    This example may seem un’estremizzazione or “one out of a thousand,” but scenes like this if they occur several.

    Solving these problems is simple and should be done in advance.
    As? With video conferencing!

    To explain it all to do again a little example, continuing the story of Francis.

    Francis, learned about the strike day, notify the great company that that Friday will be available in video conferencing to talk to them and show the presentation.
    Start the video and he, from his office in Como, explains the mode of operation of its products, by telling the story of his company and all the details.

    In doing so Francis has already:
    Saved time, as it has not moved from the office;
    Saved money, since it did not have to face a journey;
    Spared stress and nervous, as it was faced with a problem situation;
    Avoided to pollute, as not made use of the means to move.

    And there’s more, because Francis, as videoconferencing system uses YOConference service designed to function perfectly on mobile devices.
    Therefore Francis, after showing their products and telling the dynamics of the company, taking the tablet and started off down the stairs, moving from the office to the room of manufacture of its products. Everything always is while in a videoconference with the big company.
    Francis can then, thanks to YOConference that works perfectly on his mobile, to move freely and live show as she works her company, making a good impression to the leaders of the big company.

    These are the things that make the difference.