Videoconference is the winner!


Compagnia delle Opere

CDO was established in 1986 as an association of entrepreneurs who want to enhance their human and economic resources to support the common good.

The CDO business is divided into initiatives that aim to affirm the centrality of the person in any social context and work and to promote a conception of man, of the market and the state based on the principles of responsible freedom, solidarity and subsidiarity .

For many entrepreneurs belonging to a network of friendship was the ability to support themselves, and help regenerate the daily grind, to promote a look and a sharper strategic vision.

In our experience, we realized that a business owner or professional understands better how to cope with their confronting work with other colleagues where experience of one is made available to everyone.

The task of the CDO Milan is therefore to provide businesses a place to meet, discuss and begin to work together to support the entrepreneur and the professional in his freedom and responsibility.

To date the CDO is present in Italy with 38 local and foreign offices with 18. Member companies have more than 13,000, the majority of which are small and medium-sized companies, profit and non profit.

The Milan is the historic seat of the association and has the highest number of members among different local venues.

The CDO Milan, to realize the goal of supporting its member companies, starting from their real needs, is activated to start services, conventions and events of local networks.

Allow their employees and associates to work through videoconferencing in YOConference cloud meant right now for CDO Milan share real-time content and projects virtually anywhere in the world.

User Experience
YOConference offers a user eXperience unprecedented: learning simple to use, reliable in the performance of its functions and quality unmatched.

The YOConference solution was deployed at the headquarters CDO Milan Via Legnone.

We have already applied the same solution in other Italian locations such as Bergamo and Liguria.



Intercos is an Italian multinational that operates in the segment of cosmetics with a direct presence in most major continents and is the preferred partner of the leading international brand of cosmetics worldwide.

In this business environment the “time to market” constitutes a fundamental value to offer increasingly innovative products and creative combined with a corporate mentality competitive distinctly.

Intercos to guarantee its prestigious customers the highest quality of its products and services has always invested in highly innovative technological solutions.

For Intercos is increasingly strategic to the need to interact with customers and suppliers, and between employees, quickly and efficiently, even in different countries, for all matters concerning the technical projects, marketing and trading business.

Allowing your employees, customers, suppliers work in meeting rooms through video conferencing cloud YOConference and BigPad Sharp makes sense right now for Intercos share real-time content and projects virtually anywhere in the world.

Simple, affordable, universal, as the motto of the same YOConference, are the factors that have made the success of YOConference + Sharp solution.

YOConference for Intercos, has become even more strategic thanks to the exceptional quality and reliability guaranteed by colorimetric BigPad Sharp.

– User Experience
YOConference + Sharp offers a user eXperience unprecedented: learning simple to use, reliable in the performance of its functions and quality unmatched.

BigPad Sharp Touch Full HD + Video conferencing cloud YOConference in resolutions up to 5K allow you to share the best audio and video experience with anyone in the world.

The YOConference + Sharp solution was implemented at the HQ of Agrate Brianza in the province of Milan, 5 meeting rooms.

The next step is to replicate the same solution in all other locations worldwide.
Today, users no longer work from their desk but prefer to meet in the YOConference meeting rooms to work to “more hands” on BigPad Sharp and share the progress of projects and sales results by videoconference in YOConference cloud.