The Audio conferencing solutions are able to integrate into existing environments, providing a great simplicity of use and high functionality. From the most basic to the more complex solutions will ensure lightning-fast connection times and strength of the signal.

We offer to you

YOConference offers you the possibility to quickly and securely manage your conversations. It takes care of your needs and implements the best solution to your needs going to study the best hardware equipment and its disposal to ensure that the sound is clear. Our offer include anything from the classic Sound Station to the realization of complex audio systems that can be implemented in a large meeting room or auditorium.

Benefits of audioconference

Measurable cost savings

Audioconferencing eliminates the cost of travel and accommodation. In this way also it increases productivity: less time traveling, more time in the office.

Fast connection

The audioconferencing solutions provide a high speed connection with one or more interlocutors. Irrespective of the geographical location as well as network conditions.

Integration with existing technologies

Just a simple phone call from your smartphone to be able to take part in a conference call allowing them to be present at all times in your company.

User administration

The most modern audio conferencing solutions allow you to manage the users who take part in the conference and be able to choose which ones to keep and which to disable active channels so as to ensure proper use of the important messages.


Unlike many free systems, a professional platform as YOConference has solid these safety bases, ensuring if necessary encryption of communication.

Fast installation

The Audio Conferencing solutions also large way guarantee high speed of installation allowing you to be up and running quickly.

Strength of the signal

The Audio Conference solution with their peculiarity of having to handle only the audio channel guarantee you a great signal strength in any condition.

All you need is… AUDIOCONFERENCE

Who uses audioconferencing?

Managers and professionals are well aware that today’s workforce mobility and teleworking are constantly increasing, with the audio conferencing three or more people in different places speak on the phone at the same time, they can coordinate their team without moving, rapidly, and without demanding installation hardware.

Companies choose the Audio conference, while also using more complex solutions, for the guarantee of being able to contact their employees at any time and without any physical constraint, hardware or software but by starting a simple phone call. With the more complex Audio conferencing systems are also able to manage a very large number of simultaneous users that even so enables customers to receive information from multiple places simultaneously, thanks to our management systems of the user flow, not from overlapping each another.

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