Additional services

Our Videoconferencing solutions will have the ability to connect additional services that will better your experience and reliability of our services.

Full Maintenance

YOConference offers a complete service. From the connector, to large screens, projectors are all constantly monitored to be sure of a perfect 360° operation. In case of malfunction assistance it can be made locally or remotely according to your requirements within 24 hours of reporting.

Network Assessment

This service has the aim to evaluate in advance the installation of the equipment, the state of health of your network. To ensure the best functionality it needs to be carried out a complete check of your system, if it were not suitable to support a high data flow, you have to proceed to an immediate cabling network.


Despite our management systems of your meeting rooms and video conferencing are among the most intuitive of the market often you need to train your employees or associates to a proper use of these new technologies. This training process is done locally or remotely by our technicians and is intended to prevent any incorrect use of the installations, tampering or improper usage of the equipment and services you purchased.

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